KCLAP BDS Motion Short Statement

In light of yesterday’s success in passing the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions at the Student General Meeting, this is a short statement on behalf of KCLAP (a longer one will follow shortly). We are very pleased that KCL and KCLSU facilitated the opportunity to debate on this issue, an issue called for by more than 300 KCL students.

We would like to say once again, the main aim of this motion is to create and engage in dialogue within our college community, to begin to question our College on its investment in companies that are directly involved in international human right’s abuses such as G4S, Veolia and Eden Springs. We support the call by Fossil Free for KCL to cut ties with companies involved in the fossil fuel industry with the same fervour in which we support divesting from companies sustaining the occupation of Palestinian territory.

We would like to reiterate that this motion is not anti-semitic and does not aim to alienate any student on campus. KCLAP will remain at the forefront of combating anti-semitism alongside all forms of xenophobia. And we would be more than happy to discuss questions and issues that any students have regarding this motion. Our email address is kclactionpalestine@googlemail.com

To reiterate, this was a motion called for by more than 300 students of King’s College London. To deny the legitimacy of this motion is to deny the voices of a large cohort of students. We look forward to the next year, working towards making our university more ethically robust, one that refuses to profit at the expense of others and once again we wholeheartedly thank everyone – both students and staff – for your support.


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