KCLAP at the Prinicipal’s Student Open Session

The new president and principal of King’s College London, Edward Byrne, held his first Student Open Session on Monday evening. The sessions are designed to ensure that the student voice is heard when considering the direction of the college.

KCLAP went along to ask some questions regarding our concerns, particularly those we have related to contracts with G4S, Veolia and Eden Springs.

When questioned about ensuring that the motion to support students at the University of Gaza, which was passed at a recent student council meeting the principal stated that he did not know the details but the he supports “collaboration with universities everywhere, and where we can lend a helping hand to people, I think we should.”

Also, regarding the unethical practises of G4S and Veolia and the College’s stance on them the principal said “we need to take the ethical activity of commercial partners as well as academic partners into account.”

The principal appeared generally concerned about the issues raised, and KCLAP hopes that a meaningful relationship between Action Palestine, the Palestine student Movement and the staff at King’s College London can be created by becoming a socially conscious institution that recognises its power to influence global change, be that through providing scholarships for Gaza students or developing our role in shareholder activism.


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