KCLAP’s scholarships for Gaza campaign

In light of last summer’s bombardment of besieged Gaza, we passed a motion at KCLSU’s student council to send a symbolic gesture of solidarity to the strip by advocating for a fully funded scholarship for a student from Gaza. After the motion was passed in November last year, we have been working in conjunction with KCLSU to lobby and put pressure on King’s to set up a scholarship scheme for Palestinians from Gaza. And we have great news! Our VP of Education for the schools of Arts and Sciences Areeb Ullah has been in talks with Joanna Newman, who is the Vice Principal of International Affairs at King’s. They are currently working to raise funds to establish scholarships for students around the world who cannot afford to travel abroad but have the talent to do so. After communication with Areeb, it seems the idea for a specific scholarship for a student for Gaza has gained a good amount of traction. Now the work comes in ensuring it is fully funded and supported so that a Palestinian can leave Gaza with security and without problems and is supported to live in the UK too.


Currently and as a consequence of the 2008 occupations to protest the 2008 Gaza massacre, any Palestinian student can already apply for a HESPAL scholarship to do a Masters at King’s. These scholarships are funded by a combination of the UK foreign office, King’s and other bodies. We have also ensured the online page has been updated and that it is fully functioning, as it did not have been updated since 2013. We do not want to claim victory yet but should the scholarship specific for a student of Gaza be achieved (which is likely), we will send another update and hopefully at some point we will be able to meet with some of those Palestinian newcomers! The result of these developments is not sheer luck but rather the fact that throughout the years KCLAP has built a really strong presence and reputation on campus and been at the forefront of the student struggle. This is why your support and continued involvement with KCL Action Palestine is immensely appreciated.

The walls of apartheid will fall one day, and that day will be determined by us.

KCL Action Palestine


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