Demilitarise King’s

***Sign the open letter that Demilitarise King’s wrote to the principal**

“If the purpose and values of King’s College are to educate and promote skills and research to make the world a better place, why does our institution continue to invest millions of pounds in the companies which make the greatest contribution to the displacement, murder and destruction of human lives? If King’s College is to represent itself as providing answers to ‘world questions’, we must work to actually address the systemic causes of global suffering and examine our own complicity in these practices.”

The Demilitarise King’s campaign had its first stall in the Strand campus on 1st December! Students & academics were shocked to learn about the many forms the arms and military industries are involved with King’s. From pension schemes, direct investments, research & projects, this represents the commercialisation and militarisation of education in pursuit of state and corporate goals.


Through King’s College Action Palestine’s (KCLAP) research last year, and with the help from our friends at Fossil Free, we found out that King’s has invested around £1.5m in arms companies. The national pension scheme for King’s staff also has fund investments in cluster munitions and land mines. The ethical implications of this go way beyond Palestine. British bombs are playing a key role in Saudi Arabia’s attacks on Yemen, in a conflict in which over 10,000 civilians have been killed.

Where does King’s invest our money? (click on each company to find out more ino)
BAE Systems
Caterpillar Inc.
Elbit Systems Ltd.
General Dynamics
General Electric
Hewlett-Packard Company
Lockheed Martin & more.

The campaign is now under the umbrella of the KCL Anti-Racism Campaigning Network.

For more info on the arms trade, the #StudyWarNoMore report intends to support students concerned about the impact their institutions have on international peace and conflict.

Check-out the Facebook page to keep updated on actions & events and the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) Universities Network blog post about Demilitarise King’s. 


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